Today we ventured into Brooklyn! This was exciting for me as I had been looking forward to visiting Brooklyn due to it’s reputation of hipster and artistic atmosphere.  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was stunning, probably the best view of the Manhattan skyline that we were able to see, we did it at sunset too which made it even more spectacular! Not only was the view wonderful but the graffiti along the way truely captured what New York is all about, with the bridge littered with love notes, quirky quotes and ‘New York I love you’.  There was numerous locks locked onto the bridge that gave the bridge a meaningful atmosphere and may I add, a photographer’s haven! 



After our Brooklyn Bridge walk we ventured to Williamsberg which was a fantastic place.  We were there in the evening so we mainly experienced the Williamsberg nightlife.  We were amazed at the range of cultures apparent in terms of restaurants and also people.  There was a strong Jewish culture with Hannuka celebrations which was interesting to see and experience on the streets. There was also alot of amazing street art on every corner which was so great to see and truely represents New Yorks artistic culture.  It was a sunday which in the USA is ‘football sunday’, so we went into a sports bar and enjoyed the sports atmosphere! Brooklyn was a wonderfully cultured and diverse place, I loved the laidback but still New Yorker atmosphere.