Today was Thanksgiving! We braced the crowds and ventured to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We managed to pop out of a subway station at the perfect location, with a spectacular view of the parade.  The parade was fantastic and the main thing I enjoyed was the atmosphere.  It demonstrated America’s festive spirit and how everyone can come together in such a busy and diverse city.  In saying this, there was some people that others would explain as ‘typical New Yorkers’ that pushed themselves through crowds with pushchairs mouthing rude remarks at people that were in the way. Although, in my experience in New York so far-this was the first I’d seen of these ‘typical New Yorkers’.


We decided on a day of sightseeing, first stop, the Statue of Liberty.  We discovered that we could capture a great view of the Statue of Liberty by taking the free ferry across to Staten Island. We got a great glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, as expected it’s architecture was spectacular.  We then explored Wall Street which included a visit to the famous Charging Bull and the Financial District.  Due to the day we visited it was fairly quiet as it was a public holiday. It was a fascinating place to visit in terms of the architecture and cleanliness of the buildings and mainly for me, how much of it would be a journalists dream during an average day on Wall Street.

IMG_1726 IMG_1759 IMG_1769 IMG_1783 IMG_1778

We then ventured to the stunning Highline in the district of Chelsea.  We managed to arrive at the Highline at sunset, which was stunning to see. I really enjoyed how it incoporated old construction of the railroad with new construction such as the garden beds and seating areas.  The highline is an example of how New York utilises gentrification in various aspects of the city, this being one of them.  Instead of deconstructing old architecture, it is revitalised and used in a new and fresh way.


We ended up bracing the Thanksgiving Black Friday sales! And yes, we stayed up until 5am shopping! This was great to observe how crazy New Yorkers can be for the sales at this time of year! And how much better they are than the sales we hold at home in Australia.