After a late rise following our Black Friday shopping expeditions, we ventured to MoMA PS1.  This was a fascinating gallery that featured lots of abstract and modern art. There was art in the forms of installations, paintings and video.  There was two artworks that took my eye the most.  The first one was an installation of multicoloured soft toys named ‘Deodorised Central Mass with Satelites’.  They were arranged in different shaped clusters and colours. Upon further analysis it was discovered that the clusters took the form of a baby inside the womb.  The surrogate baby is sexless, representing a soft and clean child, which in essence is a perfect child.  As children are sexual human beings that are strong and active, this work conforms to the belief that the cluster of toys is what children actually should be.ImageThe second artwork that was of interest to me was the ‘Animation series’.  Each of these pieces was a video work of bottled cities at different stages of life.  Each one shook and made different noises such as laughing, screaming, sleeping.  This represents different stages of life that a person could go through.  The city representing the routine of their life trapped inside a bottle and the different emotions this could raise.  Although it could have plenty of meanings, as there was n description which is what I liked most about the works as you could interpret it the way you like.ImageImageWe then went to a diner in Queens that was typically an American thing to do.  We noticed how much larger the serving sizes are compared to that of Australia!

We ventured into Times Square for a while and noticed just how much is going on in one place at one time.  Just when we were there there was a couple getting married in the centre of the square, the photographer was snapping away as if nothing else was going on around them.  Just as that happened we saw a limo go by with about ten security cars surrounding it, clearly transporting somebody important.  All of this amongst the busy lights, thousands of people, buskers, people in dress up suits, sirens-there is so much going on! I think it’s a journalists heaven and a place where generating stories would never be an issue.