Today we took the train to outside of New York City, to Beacon! Which due to a train crash the day before, we took a lengthier route but saw some fascinating scenery on the way! We visited the Dia Beacon museum which was an amazing museum full of a wide range of art from well known artists such as Andy Warhol, to smaller American known artists.  The building itself was of great interest to me, it was an old factory that has been fitted out to be an art gallery.  The use of light and space was incredible and I found myself in constant awe of the buildings architecture.  The art inside the building was fantastic to see with two that were a stand out to me.  The first one was very interesting, it was three large holes in the ground that were all shaped differently, some narrowing at the bottom.  We were able to look inside of them which was quite scary but great, I interpreted my own meaning from the installations, which was that the artist was trying to evoke fear in it’s viewers, possibly representing a black hole.


The second installation I thoroughly enjoyed was an arrangement of fluro lights in different colours.  They were positioned in such a way that no matter where you viewed the installation from you always got a different perspective of the artwork as it looks different from every angle.  This to me represented everyday life situations and how different a situation can look from several different angles.  I really liked this meaning and resonated with the installation well.



The surroundings of Dia Beacon was also spectacular, with amazing views over the water as the sun set.  It was amazing to see how much of New York is not New York City and a quiet landscape full of naturistic scenery.  I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Beacon.