Guggenheim, Christopher wool

We started our day at Guggenheim museum today, which was a fascinating circular building that the artwork spiraled around the building.  We saw the Christopher Wool exhibition which was quite interesting and an example of an artist utilising graffiti in his works.  This is exactly what New York loves, a type of conceptual artist that incorporates street art into his practice, as a creative city this appeals to ‘New Yorkers’ and I think truely demonstrates typical New York art.  One in particular that stood out for me was titled ‘Untitled’, this was Wool’s longest quotation painting that he has done. It read ‘The show is over the audience get up to leave their seats time to collect their coats and go home they turn around no more coats and no more home.’  I found this quite an aggressive piece as the words were difficult to read, there were no spaces which seemed to look like a canvas of random letters.  This may turn people away and they may be less likely to look into the painting and determine exactly what it says.

IMG_1547 IMG_1537 IMG_1538

What I liked about Christopher Wool’s work is that as he progresses through his art, he uses different mediums such as silk screen and splatting paint, it interested me to observe how his art may look different in different mediums, which obviously he found to be a fascinating process also.

We also explored the Upper East Side which was another interesting experience, I find it fascinating that each part of New York can be completely different, from the graffiti laden and hipster Brooklyn to the well kept and expensive streets of the Upper East Side.  It is an example of the diversity in New York, which I love.  We came across The Metropolitan Museum and admired the outside architecture.

We also decided it was a must to see a Broadway Show in Times Square and heard about the lottery that occurs before the show where you can acquire cheap leftover tickets.  The night worked in our favour and we managed to get great seats right near the front of broadway show, Mamma Mia.  The show was fantastic and the threatre was also fascinating to see.  The interior of the theatre was stunning and alot smaller than expected, therefore no matter where you were in the theatre you had a pretty decent view of the show.  I found it a positive experience and it is great that they do a system such as the lottery, to ensure people on all budgets can enjoy something that New York is famous for!