Today we started the day by visiting Columbia University, this was of interest to me as it involved visiting an ivy league school.  The buildings were of great interest to me as the architecture was explicit and just by looking at them you could tell they involved alot of history.  We went inside the library which was amazing and nothing like we have in Australia, filled with numerous old and new books.  This to me demonstrated how much history the USA holds.


We then made our way to the Japan Society, but due to confusion with the subways and ending up in Queens, we missed the tour! Still an experience that was of value for future reference, figuring out the subway system!  We also discovered some fantastic graffiti street art on our subway ride, which we felt lucky to  come across.  It showed New York City’s approach to enjoying street art and making the most of what the city’s artists can do.


We visited a few places within the Upper East Side including New York Palace, The Plaza and Grand Central Station.  These were all beautiful buildings that I was in awe of.  I enjoyed people watching in Grand Central, which gave me the opportunity to observe the great variety of cultures and people within New York City, watching people come together and say goodbye.


We also took the opportunity to visit the UN buildings, although they were unfortunately closed, we admired the grounds and took interest in the high level of security that panned the buildings.

We then ventured to Times Square, as we seemed to most nights and thought we would try our last minute luck with getting tickets to broadway show, Romeo and Juliet, starring Orlando Bloom.  We were unsuccessful this time in any last minute lottery but just as we were walking out a lady grabbed us and offered us free tickets! Turns out she was the producer of the show and they needed a full audience for filming. To me, this was an example of how amazing New York City can be, filled with wonderful and diverse people, full of opportunity and chance.

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